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Warren Hogan, Buy Grow Sell Summit 2023 Speaker

Warren Hogan

Chief Economic Advisor, Judo Bank

Managing Director, EQ Economics

Warren Hogan is an economist with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the Australian economy. With a strong track record in analyzing and forecasting economic trends, Warren is a trusted expert in his field. Currently, he serves as the Principal of EQ Economics, a micro advisory firm specializing in strategic planning and forecasts for Australian businesses.

Warren brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked in various sectors such as industry, financial markets, and policy analysis. With two decades of experience in banking and financial markets, including prominent roles such as Chief Economist at ANZ Bank and Credit Suisse Australia, Warren's expertise is unparalleled.

His dedication to the field is evident through his tenure as Principal Advisor at The Australian Treasury and as an Industry Professor at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Business School. Additionally, Warren has taken on the role of Secretary of the Australian Business Economists (ABE), where he contributes his knowledge and insights to the broader economic community.

When Warren is not busy with economic analysis and forecasting, you might find him teeing off at the Avondale Golf Club, where he serves as Treasurer. This role showcases his commitment to diverse interests and a well-rounded approach to life.

Warren's independent and original insights into markets, business, and the economy have earned him international recognition and a high profile in the media. His ability to break down complex economic concepts into accessible language makes him an excellent communicator, making him a sought-after commentator and speaker.

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