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Joanna Oakey, Speaker and Co-Host Buy Grow Sell Summit 2023

Joanna Oakey

Managing Partner Award Winning Commercial Law Firm, Aspect Legal

Podcast Host, The Deal Room Podcast & Talking Law

Best-selling Small Business Book Author, Buy, Grow, Exit.

Award winning commercial lawyer, and Managing Partner of Aspect Legal, Joanna Oakey has worked with thousands of businesses and business owners (and their advisors) as they acquire, grow and exit.

With more than 20 years experience, she has worked as a trusted legal partner for businesses of all sizes and industries, from small startups as they catapult in value, through to large national and multinational brands. She has seen many business owners spend years and years building a business that has no value at exit, or worse, really good businesses that hit a legal landmine and fall into a hole they never recover from.

As host of two top-rating podcasts, The Deal Room Podcast and Talking Law, she regularly shares incredible insights into the mistakes that businesses commonly make when acquiring, growing and exiting, the key drivers of really great business sales and acquisitions - and legal landmines to avoid along the way. Her best-selling business book, also Buy, Grow, Exit, focuses on how (and why) to acquire, grow and exit a business in a way that maximises value.

Joanna has been featured in various media outlets including Forbes Australia, Channel 7, SmartCompany, Ticker TV, Kochie's Business Builders, Business Essentials daily and more.

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