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James Michael, Buy Grow Sell Summit 2023 Speaker

James Michael

Founder, Justified Talent

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The number one concern of every small business owner thinking of hiring their first sales professional is "What if I get this wrong? What if we hire the wrong person?". The cost of that mistake could be painful - and in some cases catastrophic to a small business. That's why James Michael founded Justified Talent, specialising in working with founders to make their first sales hire. James' background is in behavioural psychology and sales training. For more than 15 years he and his business partner have worked with 10,000s of sales professionals, developing their skills and mindset.

Since 2018, James has profiled over 7,500 salespeople applying for roles through Justified Talent - and this combination of experience and perspective places him well to speak to one of the most significant growth decisions you'll make in your small business.

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